McKay Lee Bray Takes Miss Hospitality Title Home to Greene County

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) July 20, 2020 – McKay Lee Bray is Mississippi’s newest Miss Hospitality.

“I was really numb. I was in shock,” Bray said. “It just all happened so fast and all at once. I was very excited for sure.”

Bray represented Greene County in Saturday’s competition.

“I love my county,” Bray said. “I absolutely love representing it and making it a better place and promoting it. Of course I wanted to make that better. I’ve always wanted to promote Mississippi as well. I love this state and I love where I come from. To be able to promote it now, holding this title, is an absolute dream of mine.”

This year’s competition featured many changes to abide by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for COVID-19. Bray says her favorite part of the competition was finally getting to meet the other contestants in person.

“This is something I’ve never had to do before, for all of us,” Bray said. “I was just excited to get to meet the girls face to face for the first time, 6 feet apart, but still face to face and get to connect with them in a way that we’ve never been able too before.”

Miss Hospitality is the goodwill ambassador for tourism and economic development for the state.

Bray says she is looking forward to representing the state in the year to come and is excited to be doing her part in promoting Mississippi.

“Getting to travel all over Mississippi and getting to see just how great the state is,” Bray said. “Before this program, I thought I knew how great Mississippi was, but getting into it and getting to know more, she is far more beautiful and amazing than I ever could have imagined. Getting to be a part of it and to share it with other people not only in Mississippi, but in other states promoting tourism and economic development, that’s going to be an amazing opportunity for me.”

Bray is the 71st Miss Hospitality for Mississippi and the second winner from Greene County.

Top 5 finalist include:

  • Fourth Runner-up – Aly Floyd of Lincoln County
  • Third Runner-up – Ramsey Sanders of Pike County
  • Second Runner-up – Andrea Berryhill of Panola County
  • First Runner-up – Cailin Sims of Jackson County

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